Which one is the best Crypto-Commodity?

Bitcoin is by far the biggest crypto-coin in terms of popularity and e-commerce. Litecoin would be next in terms of popularity and e-commerce, but I’m not sure we should judge which crypto-coin makes the best digital commodity simply based on it’s popularity due to being “first to market”. That being said, before we can truly analyze these products we must first come to the realization that we are clearly working with digital commodity based assets and NOT digital currencies. Once we do this, we can then start to scrutinize each individual coin and it’s “commodity worthiness”.

Next we need to determine what is “commodity worthiness” and how does this relate to crypto-commodities such as bitcoin, MinCoin and litecoin? Well, for starters we look at some of the aspects that make a commodity a commodity. One of these aspects is limited supply. This limited supply can be base off daily production or overall lifetime maximum production. Applying this condition to crypto-currencies like bitcoin, mincoin and litecoin and we can easily see that among those top three MinCoin has the least amount of coins produced on a daily basis [lowest inflation rate]. Also, MinCoin has the least amount of coins to be produced over the life of it’s block mining cycle.

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