Some information regarding MinCoin for those new to the project.

MinCoin (Min is short for minimalist) has CPU/GPU based scrypt mining 1 minute blocks and only 10 million total coins. Only 2880 MinCoins are mined each day for the next 10 years. A low total amount of coins and fast blocks make MinCoin an optimal long term rare altcoin investment prospect.

MinCoin (MNC) – a minimalist version of Bitcoin optimized for CPU & GPU mining using scrypt as a proof of work scheme similar to Litecoin.

A few things that sets MinCoin apart from other cryptos:

1. Low inflation, most cryptos have 10’s of thousands being mined every day, MNC only has
2880 coins/day being mined.

2. Low total mined coins. MinCoin will only ever have 10million coins.

3. Simple inflation. No long drawn out complicated block halving reward schemes.

4. Fast 1min confirms/block times. And only 60 blocks for difficulty re-target.

5. Even though MinCoin is a commodity, with it’s 1min confirms, it can easily be used as a currency for e-commerce.

6. MinCoin is simple. It really is just an easy/simple coin to use and understand.

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