MinCoin Project Update

Hello MinCoin Community Members! The MinCoin Development Team is currently working on a MinCoin Project Update. We have opened the MinCoinForums back for new registrations so new users can sign-up and join our community. We are currently working on updating the Core MinCoin Client/Wallet software along with increasing network resources to help keep the mincoin network strong. We are also working on a comprehensive global marketing plan that will introduce MinCoin to thousands of new crypto users around the world. If you haven’t already done so please sign up at our forums: www.mincoinforum.com so you can become part of our amazing crypto community!

With all that we have planned for MinCoin’s future we will have many expenses along the way. We have Developers that are willing to work for MinCoin and Bitcoin so if you can please donate to help us breath new life into the #1 CryptoCommodity.
You can donate here: Development Donations

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-The MinCoin Team

MinCoin is a digital commodity derivative based off of Litecoin and Bitcoin. What separates MinCoin from both of those is it takes the best of both and it combines them into one crypto-commodity. Both Litecoin and Bitcoin supporters want to believe Bitcoin and Litecoin are “cryptocurrencies”. We believe that with the way these digital assets are created and the fact that they have a limited supply that they are not cryptocurrencies but in fact are cryptocommodies. With MinCoin’s fast transaction times we believe it to be a superior method for conducting secure online transactions. With MinCoin’s limited supply [much smaller than either Bitcoin or Litecoin] we believe it can offer a reliable, safe and effective means of both storing and transferring wealth from user-to-user all around the globe!