MinCoin has 3 New Service Providers!

We are proud to announce that MinCoin has formed an alliance with three new service providers that are accepting MinCoin as a method of payment. Forming new strategic alliances with business both in the crypto world and outside of the crypto world has always been a top¬† priority for us. Although MinCoin is more of a digital commodity rather than a digital currency and has “commodity like” long term investment potential we feel that by leveraging the speed of the MinCoin network and forming alliances with Merchants and Vendors we will enable our users to actually use MinCoin for day to day purchases. Please check out MinCoin’s new service providers below and thanks again to the MinCoin community for your continued support, we couldn’t do it without you!

Bluey VPN Services:

Bluey VPN

“The need for absolute Internet protection is a necessity. Today`s world of hackers and cyber frauds demands top online safety for every Internet user. This is where Bluey VPN comes into play, providing you with the highest level of security you can get with just a few clicks! Keep in mind that you are the one who has to react fast in order to ensure an exceptional layer of protection around your web activities! “

UNB Altcoin Auction Site:

UNB Altcoin Auctions

“A location online where anyone can buy and sell items with Crypto!
Over 100 Crypto Coins Currently Accepted !! Coin Vote List For New Cryptos!
This auction site works completely on Crypto Payments!
No cash, checks , credit cards, or money orders are used on the auction site!
New Features are being added everyday.”

In Disguise VPN Services:

In-Disguise VPN

“In-Disguise provides an encrypted channel for the Internet access.
This allows you to be sure that:

  • Your data will not be intercepted nor by hackers, nor by Internet service provider, nor by anyone else
  • You get a secure connection while using public WiFi access points
  • You get access to the Internet without any censorship, including bypassing corporate restrictions to various sites

Thanks again to our new service providers who are proudly accepting MinCoin for payment!

-MinCoin Team