The MinCoin team is pleased to unveil our new paper wallet generator. The generator allows you to generate new address and private key pairs, which you may print and use to store MinCoins.

When you are ready to spend the coins you have sent to your paper wallet, you have to import the private key into your desktop MinCoin wallet. It’s easy, just follow these steps.

  • Make sure your MinCoin wallet is running, and is synced with the network.
  • Open the console by clicking Help -> Debug Window -> Console.
  • If your wallet is password protected, type the following into the console: “walletpassphrase your_wallet_passphrase 60”. Replace “your_wallet_passphrase” with your wallet passphrase.
  • Finally type into the console: “importprivkey your_private_key”. Replace “your_private_key” with the private key printed on your paper wallet.

Your wallet may appear to freeze after importing the private key. That is normal. After a few minutes the number of coins sent to the paper wallet will be added to your MinCoin balance.

You MUST transfer the ENTIRE balance from the paper wallet to the desktop wallet. Do NOT try to send coins from the paper wallet to your desktop wallet. Do NOT continue using the paper wallet address once you have imported your private key into your desktop wallet. Dispose the paper wallet once you are finished with it by shredding it, or otherwise rendering it unreadable.