• 2013
    Launched Mincoin project with zero premine April 3rd Q2
    Added mcxNOW exchange with MNC/BTC pairing Q2
    Registered Mincoin with CoinChoose.com Q2
    www.mincoinpool.com online Q2
    www.mincointalk.com created Q2
    Mincoin Forum created Q4
  • 2014
    Rebranded/Relaunched Mincoin with new logo, custom wallet and new website www.mincoin.io Q1
    Mincoin Forum redesigned Q1
    Mincoin Seeders added to source Q1
    Added Paper wallet Q1
    API created for tools Q1
    Created YouTube introduction to Mincoin Q1
    Blockchain upgraded to 0.8,7 - Windows, Mac OS and Linux Wallets Q1
    Cryptsy exchange online with MNC/BTC pairing Q1
    CoinEx exchange online with MNC/BTC pairing Q1
  • 2015
    Blockchain matures whilst Cryptocurrency interest wanes Q1-Q4
  • 2016
    Blockchain continues to mature.Core Developers involvement is minimised to routine maintenance Q1-Q4
  • 2017
    New Development team start work to update Blockchain Q1
    DNS Seeds Restored Q2
    Block Explorers Online Q2
    Testnet3 Restored Q3
    Tor Transports Enabled Q3
    Forums Upgraded Q3
    Blockchain upgraded to 0.8.8 - height 1452840 Q3
    Coinbase Maturity Hard Fork - height 1452840 Q3
    Splash Guard (DGW3) Hard Fork - height 1452840 Q4
    Trade Satoshi Market Opens Q4
    CoinMarketCap data refreshed Q4
    CryptoBetFair games opened Q4
    Whitepaper released Q4
  • 2018
    Blockfolio price tracking Q1
    TipBot added to the Discord server Q1
    mincoinfaucet.com goes online / then offline with CryptoHub Q2
    www.mincoin.us upgraded Q2
    Testnet3 upgraded to SegWit - active at height 80639 Q2
    Home grown Block Explorer www.mincoinexplorer.com goes online Q4
    Blockchain upgraded to 0.13.0 - active at height 2116799 Q4
    (Strict DER Signatures) BIP 66 softfork activated Q4
    (OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY) BIP 65 softfork activated Q4
    (CSV) BIP 68 / BIP 112 / BIP 113 softfork activated Q4
  • 2019
    Look to add additional Exchanges Q1
    Rebased Mincoin source to Bitcoin from Litecoin Q2
    Upgraded Testnet to Testnet4 and released 0.14.3 Q2
    Added Testnet to Block Explorer testnet.mincoinexplorer.com Q2
    Added Nova Exchange with MNC/BTC pairing Q2
    Started Android Wallet development Q2
    Remastered Hi-Res Logos Q2
    Added Special Difficulty Rule to Testnet4 Q2
    Added Unnamed Exchange with MNC/BTC, MNC/LTC, MNC/DOGE pairings Q3
    Released Android Wallet on Google Play Store play.google.com Q3
    Upgraded Blockchain to 0.14.3 Q3
    Updated Mincoin.us Q3
    Anticipate Blockchain SegWit activation Q4
    Upgrade Testnet4 to latest stable Bitcoin Core Q4
    Actively look for supporters, backers, developers Q4
    Start Social Media awareness campaign Q4
  • 2020
    Increase Blockchain node count Q1
    Release official Docker image Q1
    Release official Digital Ocean "One Click Deploy" image Q1
    Develop iOS wallet Q1
    Launch on major exchanges Q1
    Upgrade Blockchain to latest stable Bitcoin Core Q2

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