Princeton University technology students recently conducted a study on select digital commodities including Bitcoin, Mincoin, Litecoin and a few others. There were several studies included within this bitcoin and bitcoin technology related project. Only a select few Altcoins were used in this digital commodity study, one of which being Mincoin. Looking at simple blockchain data along with price fluctuations and transaction volume Princeton University technology students attempt to draw several measured conclusions about coin generation, origin and the players involved in certain market movements. Although some of the information they present is not 100% accurate these students do show how forensic analysis of the Mincoin blockchain, and other digital commodities, can be used to discover and identify some of the key players and exchanges associated with that particular commodity.

We are happy to see technical studies being conducted on Mincoin by such prestigious organizations as Princeton University. With over 1000 cryptocurrencies and digital coins in today’s digital marketplace it is nice to see that Mincoin has not lost it’s edge as one of the worlds premiere digital currencies.

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