Mincoin, which trades on cryptocurrency exchanges under the symbol MNC, is considered by many cryptocurrency experts to be one of the worlds #1 High Speed Rare Altcoins.

Mincoin is a decentralized public blockchain and cryptocurrency software and is fully open source. The Mincoin software wallet enables users to easily send and receive Mincoin (MNC). The platform was designed for speed and MNC transfers typically take 60 seconds, making it one of the worlds fastest altcoins. With a total supply of only 10,000,000 coins, Mincoin has one of the lowest coin supplies of any digital cryptocurrency token in the world. The Mincoin team’s first software wallet was publicly released in April, 2013. To obtain Mincoin, users can run specialized cryptocurrency mining software and hardware. Additionally, Mincoin can also be purchased and traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges. New Mincoin mobile device software wallets for Android & iOS users coming soon in Q1 2018.

If Bitcoin is Gold, Mincoin (MNC) is Platinum

Mincoin’s Coin Supply (RARE DIGITAL TOKEN!)

Mincoin-MNC-worlds-fastest-rare-cryptocurrency Mincoin-MNC-worlds-fastest-rare-altcoin

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